Join us for Cuddle Yoga 2020

The Cuddle Yoga pose that started it all: Sidelying Savasana x 2.

Each year around Valentine’s Day, Cliff and I do a partner yoga restorative sequence we call Cuddle Yoga. The details are up on Facebook and Mindbody. Sign up to reserve your spot, as we will need to ensure there are enough props to go around.

It came about innocently enough: Cliff goes to all my restorative yoga classes, so he knows the “moves” at this point. And one day we were cuddling, and he used me as a prop to do a restorative pose. “And now roll over, place you knee at hip height, and let your lower leg be supported by — (this is the part where I would normally say, ‘the bolster’) your partner!” he said, teasing me by repeating my usual yoga “script.”

What started as a joke grew from there. It didn’t take long for us to feel like we were on to something good that other people might enjoy too. It was fun to play around, be creative, spend time together and come up with a whole sequence of restorative poses modified to use each other as “props.”

Each time we do the sequence with others, we get so much great energy off seeing other couples enjoy it too. It truly does make me feel all squishy inside every year.

For 2020, we’re mixing it up a little bit and I’ve asked the masseuses at The Floating Lotus to teach the group a couple of simple massage techniques you can do during the sequence and then anytime you want at home. There will also be drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and snacks.

Come ready to relax and re-connect! I’ll see you there.

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