‘Too busy’ to meditate?

Sometimes it feels like life is pulling us in 1,000 different directions. To-do lists. Responsibilities. Stressors. So it’s no surprise that while we have all heard about the benefits of Mindfulness and meditation, we easily fall into the trap of thinking we “don’t have time to meditate.”

That’s part of why I love yoga so much. Yoga is moving meditation. When we focus on the breath and sensations in the body, when we concentrate enough to pair breath with movement — these are all forms of Mindfulness and meditation.

Plus, yoga has other benefits. It makes our bodies feel good and strong. Our tensions release. We gain flexibility. We make friends. To me, this is the perfect combo. Even on days when I feel like I “don’t have time,” often one of those many benefits starts calling my name, and I end up making my way to my mat or chair.

Hey, no judgment — whatever gets you there. The good news is that regardless of what draws you to the practice on any given day, you’ll still end up with the peaceful mental benefits.

That’s what I call a win-win-win!

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