Welcome to Approachable Yoga with Amy. Here you’ll find resources on my favorite ways for making yoga approachable and accessible for everyone. For me, yoga is a beautiful way to mindfully connect body and breath through movement and moments of stillness. It’s my philosophy that yoga can be modified so that everyone can enjoy its benefits.

Warrior II pose.

I hope you find this website beneficial, and I look forward to practicing yoga with you. See you on the mat, chair or meditation cushion.

Restorative Yoga helps you physically relax and open a calm mental space for meditation 
Chair Yoga is a gentle approach suitable for people who have difficulty getting up and down from the floor 
Cuddle Yoga is a tender way for couples to experience yoga together without the need for advanced athleticism

I am certified as a Registered Yoga Teacher-200 through the Yoga Alliance.  I also teach Koru Mindfulness through the UAMS Mindfulness Program.

I offer private yoga and meditation classes. Contact me for more information or to book me for a special request yoga class or Koru Mindfulness series.