Cuddle Yoga

Cuddle yoga is a way for couples to connect during their yoga practice, harnessing the quiet, reflective qualities of yoga and the ability of physical touch to strengthen bonds.

Cliff and I enjoy a little Cuddle Yoga in a double side-lying savasana.

Most “partner yoga” practices require quite a bit of strength, flexibility and yoga expertise to perform safely. Cuddle yoga is a way to make partner yoga accessible for the rest of us. We use simple stretches and gentle restorative and yin poses – reimagined for the couple. And as always, breathing exercises and meditation play a role. 

My boyfriend, Cliff, comes to many of my yoga classes and helped me come up with the cuddle yoga poses. Every time we do a workshop, we love seeing the creative ways couples find to make the practice their own. The lovely, connected, cozy vibe that develops is an inspiration to us all.

We love sharing cuddle yoga with you guys!

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