Yoga Science

Western science is catching up with the Eastern wisdom behind yoga and mindfulness practices. See tons of examples on the Yoga Alliance website. When many Westerners first encounter yoga, it can seem a little strange. If you’re like me, exploring the science behind yoga can help make yoga seem more “approachable.” You know yoga makes you feel good, but you’re not sure why. You might wonder which aspects of a typical yoga class are actually giving you the most benefit.

As we age or experience life changes, this becomes important as well. If you want to get the mental health benefits of yoga but can’t hold a full plank right now, what is available to you? (The short answer is: LOTS!)

And hey, yoga has its snake-oil salesmen just like any other field. I think it’s important to do your own reading and develop your own sense of what you believe in and what you don’t.

So if you like exploring how and why yoga works or looking at the research behind yoga, this part of the blog is for you.

Want to dive deeper?